Smoke Shop

Smoke Shop and overall Hippie Headquarters

Are you a hippie at heart or just like the way you feel when immersed in the environment that most our parents grew up in. Regardless if you are a closet hippie smoker or the hinges few off the door long ago and you love expressing yourself when not dressed in shirt and tie or the expensive dress Retro Revolution has it for you.  You will soon be able to shop online but right now visit one of our 2 DFW locations.

Dallas – 5429 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75206     214-365-9420


Plano – 1627 N. Central Expy. Plano, Texas 75075   972-881-1870


Price Matching is here!!!

Retro Revolution wants to thank you for making us Dallas and Plano Premier One Stop Shop for all your cleaner smoking accessory needs.  We want to remain on top by being convenient for you and your friends. Giving you the feeling that when you leave Retro Revolution that your appetite was fulfilled and you not only got a good deal but you also bought everything you needed in one place. With that being said our goal is to have competitive pricing as well.  So if you find a lower price we will match that price at the time of purchase only,  Please inquire with a sales associate if you have any question (proof of sales item is required).  Retro Revolution wants to remain your One Stop Shop for a Cleaner Smoke, Smoke Shop.

From the words of a customer:…

Hidden along the rows of retail giants and “adult” stores you’ll find this eclectic hippie shop. You’ll know what you’re in for before you walk in. A colorful mural depicts the Hindu story of Ganesh smoking a hookah. A big peace sign takes place of the “o” in Revolution. Inside, you’ll find clothing, accessories, jewelry, and all kinds of accessories . (Think ornate incense burners and bumper stickers.) Most pieces here pay homage to the bygone eras of Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, and Grateful Dead. Last time we found a Pink Floyd cutting board, a black sweater dress with bell sleeves, and all kinds of funky jewelry that we haven’t seen anywhere else. Head to the back room for pipes and hookah, galore. (Tobacco only, of course.)

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